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All Things Laundry

I have my laundry down to a science. But I also don’t have a lot of time, so I’ve found the best products for the freshest laundry that won’t bother my sensitive skin. I’ve tried everything, so you don’t have to:)

Laundry Detergent

All my laundry (even my delicates) gets washed with Puracy laundry detergent. I buy these refills, but for your first time, you’ll want to buy the pump. And pretty much everything also gets fabric softener added. I like Meyer’s because they use essential oils (I’m sensitive to manufactured/chemical odors) and are paraben free. Basil is my favorite scent.

Color Catchers

If I am washing multi-colored clothes (I don’t separate by colors!), I throw in a few Shout Color Catcher sheets. I’ve used these for years, and they work. You’ll be shocked and amazed. No more pink socks from those red shirts bleeding on your white socks.

Shout Color Catcher

Stain Remover

Stain on the clothes? No problem. I use THE WORLD’S GREATEST STAIN REMOVER (no, I’m not exaggerating): Puracy’s Natural Stain Remover.

Stain remover

Special Use Products

These next three products are for strategic use only. In other words, I don’t use them every time I wash. Just when needed. And be sure to hit the “soak” setting on your washing machine. You’ll want to put these products down in the drum with the laundry so it can soak before the wash cycle begins. The wash cycle (with my natural products) gets all of these chemicals out from the soak cycle (which takes care of the special problems.) It’s a winning strategy.

On a related note, here are my favorite products (more Puracy products!) for Natural Bath, Body, and Home.

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