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Office Ergonomics

The Standing Desk

My first venture into a standing desk was about eight years ago. I started with this Vivo desk converter which I put on top of my existing desk (I got the big one since I use two monitors.) Then I upgraded to a full UPLIFT standing desk about four years ago. This desk has the ability to memorize height settings. So I have 1 set to my stand height, and 2 set to my sit height. Ready to stand? Press 1. Ready to sit? Press 2.

The Accessories

I quickly learned I needed a standing mat to prevent standing fatigue. I also keep this little stepstool in front of my standing mat (under the desk) and keep one foot or the other on it (I alternate back and forth between feet.) Per my chiropractor, this is best for your back.

This is the monitor stand I now have attached to my UPLIFT desk for my two monitors. I have the height adjusted properly so I am looking at the proper angle to avoid neck strain, and I love that my monitors are not taking up space on my desk.

monitor stand

If you have noticed that you are starting to slouch, try wearing this posture corrector. It will get you in the habit of keeping your shoulders back which helps with back and neck tension/pain.

Posture Corrector Brace

Ergonomic Office Chair

When I’m ready to sit down, I scoot my standing mat to the side and whip out my task chair. This isn’t the most gorgeous chair, but it has lots of adjustment options. I have it adjusted perfectly so I don’t have any back/neck/arm strain. I’m all about posture these days.

task office chair

Ergonomic Keyboard

For optimal hand positioning, I use this keyboard. Make sure you prop up the front as shown in the photo below. This allows your wrist to slightly slant down so your wrist is not bent quite so much. A split keyboard will take a bit of getting used to, but it is a hand-saver!

Ergonomic Mouse and Mouse Pad

I’ve tried lots of mice, and believe me, spending the extra money on this Evoluent vertical mouse was worth it. And, if you’re ambidextrous like me, get a lefty mouse as well so you can give your right hand a break now and then. I don’t love this mouse as much as my Evoluent one, but I opted for the budget version since I don’t use the left mouse as much.

Lastly, I have this slanted mouse pad for each of my mice. I actually have it slanted the OPPOSITE way from what is shown in the picture below. This way, my wrist is slanted a little bit down instead of bent upwards.

slanted ergonomic mouse pad

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