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Home Scents

Now for all my favorite thing-that-smell-good for your home…


My favorite candles for around the house are Capri Blue and Tyler’s High Maintenance candles. Both are long burning and smell luxurious. I also keep an extra Capri Blue in a gorgeous glass container on hand for last minute gift giving.


I keep Archipelago diffusers in my bathrooms (I have various scents and love them all!)

Archipelago diffuser Verbena Basil


For my laundry room and dog room (yes, my dogs have their own room:)), I use Enviroscent plug-ins. These are AMAZING. The scent is so nice, not fake… It’s non-toxic and not overwhelming, so I am not worried about overloading my dogs’ sensitive noses. They last a really long time. I change them every three months! Get the lavender refills here. The Lemon Thyme scent is also wonderful – it is definitely not Pine Sol;) I usually alternate between the two.

Car Scents

I like a light, elegant scent in my car. I haven’t found any made-for-car products that I like, so I came up with my own. I keep a charcoal bag (which absorbs bad scents) in my car. I put a few drops of essential oils onto periodically – my preferred scents are Rose or Sandalwood.

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