Kitchen Sink

Monthly Appliance Cleaning

Once a month, I clean our Keurig, washing machine, and garbage disposal.

Keurig Cleaning

For the Keurig, I pop one of these cleaning pods in the part where the coffee k-cups normally go. Run a large cup of coffee, then pour that soapy water down your kitchen sink (gets that cleaning process going.) Next, remove the cleaning pod from the Keurig and run once more to make sure all the cleaning product is out. Again, pour that hot water down the kitchen sink.

Quick & Clean Single Cup Brewer Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Cups

Disposal Cleaning

While you are doing the Keurig cleaning, get your hot water running in your kitchen sink. Once it is at hot as it will possibly get, turn the water down to a thin stream (about as wide as a pencil.) Put one of these disposal cleaning packets in the disposal, then turn on the disposal. Keep it on until the foam has completely disappeared.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning Foam Packets Lemon Scent Chlorine Bleach Alternative

Washing Machine Cleaning

Lastly, I go over to my washing machine and drop a OxiClean pod in the drum, then turn on the Self Clean cycle on the washing machine.

After I wash dog/cat beds in the washing machine, I run a Self Clean cycle with one of these washing machine cleaners.

OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner for HE Machines

For all of my favorite laundry products, check out this post.

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